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Zumba Shoes and Footwear

Clean/Indoor exercise shoes ONLY!

We all enjoy the beautiful dance floors of each of our studios, and we would love to ask for your cooperation by keeping the outdoor footwear in the “mud room”.
A wet floor is also a potential danger to the student body as well!
Therefore, just a friendly reminder to everyone, please bring a pair of clean indoor exercise shoes to change prior to the class in order to keep the dance floor dry & clean.
Recommended shoes for Zumba
One of the most popular questions from students we get is what kind of shoes should be worn to Zumba.
The general answer is: any shoes that support aerobic activity, while providing flexibility for lateral movement, and pivoting.
If you are experiencing any knee pain/joint stiffness lately, it’s probably time for you to update your Zumba shoes.

Due to popular demand, here are our favorites:

#1 Reebok Zigs

This is what Ron & Lily are wearing in class.  (yes, this is part of our collection. :)
They have smooth bottoms, light weight, Great shock absorbency, easy to pivot and funky colors!
You can easily find them at all major sports wear shops (Footlocker, Sportscheck, Champs, Reebok, etc).
There are a few kinds of Zigs, the Original ZIG has “bigger” Zigs at the bottom, which means they are more shock/jump absorbent (which is what we prefer),
Other ZIG variations have lesser Zigs, or more “rigid” Zigs, which offers less shock support.
So do try them on and see which one is better for you, and remember to pivot on a non-carpet floor to try them :)
More info:
Prices range: $120-$130 in Canadian stores, sometimes Buy 1 get 2nd at 50%!  $100 or less in US stores with more colors.

#2 Reebok ATV 19

Newly discovered by Ron & Lily, they are very comfortable, offers Incredible shock/jump absorbency.
Reebok ATV19 Trio
Great for pivoting also, because of it’s unique 19 “Lugs” sole design.
It’s like dancing on a cloud! :)
Will report back as to how long they last … (see Reebok Flex below)

#3 Reebok Flex

These feels Great in the beginning, light, flexible, very cushiony!
But after a short while, the cushiony feeling departs, and the shoe becomes “normal”, not offering much more shock absorption …
Not crazy about these, if you want something that will last.
ZIG is still the longest lasting model for now.

Dance/Jazz Sneakers

These are like running shoes/sneakers designed for dancing.
Favorite of line dancers.
They have split soles for foot flexibility and cushioned interiors, and are designed for dance’s pivoting movements.
Famous brands are Capezio
and a new comer from a long line of dance shoes Bloch.

Hope this helps!
Happy Shopping! :)

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