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Christmas Holiday 2016 Schedule

Christmas is in the air!!!
The holiday season is almost here!
We are on Vacation from Dec 20th.
Class resumes Wed, Dec 28.
YES! .. we can shake off the calories before New Year!!
Here’s a nice little calendar … (click to enlarge) –>

Year End (Health Benefits) Reminder
If your work place have Health Benefit Coverage that include “group fitness” or “weight management” classes,
chances are Zumba Fitness Classes are part of their coverage, too!
(We know at least 20+ companies that reimburses for Zumba classes!)
Don’t let these FREE coverage go to waste!
Check with your HR people, and see if you are eligible! :)

Gift Ideas: Zumba Class Passes

Know someone who Loves to Zumba?
Our class Passes and Gift Certificates makes a GREAT gift idea,
guarantee to keep your loved ones smiling and fit!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas! :)


Lily & Ron + Zoey

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