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Zumba Ko 5th Anniversary Celebration Party 2015

Toronto Zumba Party ~ Sept 2015

Toronto Zumba Party ~ Sept 2015

Double ZES Joy Prouty & Ricardo Marmitte Gold MasterClass ~ Aug 2015

Party with Fantastic 5 - Anna, Rock, Mylene, Edgar, Roberto ~ June 2015

Party with Fantastic 5 – Anna, Rock, Mylene, Edgar, Roberto ~ June 2015

More to come :)

Party in Pink 2016 with ZJ Anna & Stephanie & Natalie!!!

Zumba Ko 5th Anniversary Celebration Banquet 2015

ZumbaKo Cruise Vacation Pics 2015

Zumba Ko Outdoor Party June 2015

Zumba Ko Outdoor Party June 2015

More to come :)

 *Pics: Double ZES Richardo & Ai Lee from Switzerland MasterClass!

*Pics*: Lion Club Dinner Gala Zumba
*Pics*: YMCA Megathon Charity Party
*Pics: Party in PINK with ZJ Anna Machenko & ZES Roberto Morales
*Tribute to Beverley Cochrane Southhall*
*Pics: Zumba® Home Office Connection 2014
*Pics* Zumba® Toronto Party 2014

*Pics* Party with ZES Ricardo Marmitte for Heart & Stroke
*Pics* Double ZES MasterClass with Melissa Chiz & Ricardo Marmitte
*Pics* 4 ZES Party with Tamara & Nile, Roberto, Amamda
*Pics* ZIN Day & ZIN41 Filming is hitting the TV media!!!

Rogers TV came to investigate this new ZUMBA fitness craze!

Rogers TV asked us, “what is this Zumba craze all about?”
We told them that it’s something they must experience.
So they came to one of our ROCK’IN classes … with a camera crew …!

The Energy of the class totally BLEW THEM AWAY!! Pictures’ worth 1,000 words, see for yourself! :)
BIG THANK YOU to Everyone for coming and lending us your energy, spirit, and enthusiasm!!!

Yeeeehh!! ZUMBA!!!!

[Pictures of Rogers TV interview]


Richmond Hill Class Launch Event!!
The Grand Opening was a OVERWHELMING Zumbalicious PARTY!!!!
OOOMMMGG!!! Beyond all our *wildest dreams*!!!

Thank you SOOO much, everyone for making our Launch SOOO Special!!!! *Kiss Kiss* (really, can you believe a 37 weeks pregnant Lily can *move* like that?! :) [more HD photos here]

2nd Set of Professional Photos are in!


Zumba MasterClass with Hong Kong ZES George Iu!!!

He is Zumba Convention’s Hip-Hop Specialist Presenter!! He is the STAR of the ZIN23 & ZIN28 & Exhilarate DVD release! He is the SuperStar ZES from half the Globe away!!

And he Blew Our Mind with his wicked Energy today!!! Thank you SOOOOO much, George for showing Toronto how to PARTY!!!


Saturday AM Class Launch Event!!

Wicked Wicked Launch Party!!
ZumbaKo Sat Class Launch 008


Summer Sizzle 2012 Zumba Party June 24th

Another one of the Legendary Mario Zumba Party!!! Needless to say, Hot Hot HOT!!!


Zumba Showcase @ Markham Festival 2012

Markham Street Festival would not be the same without Music, and ZUMBA!!!


Zumba Summer Party with Marija!!!

One word, Fun, Fun, FUN!!! Wicked instructors line up, 2hrs of a sweating good time!!


ZIN Day Canada 2012 + ZIN41 Live Filming!!!

ZIN41 Filming with Zumba Super Stars Betsy Dopico & Ricardo Marmitte!!! Thank you Zumba HQ for bringing a mini-Convention to our fair city of Toronto!! Zumba Instructors from all over Canada gathered here today to celebrate, and party with the best!!! That’s the entire Canadian ZES & Jammers team + Betsy Dopico!!!


Thursday Class Grand Opening Class – (Take 1)

Zumba Fitness INVADED Richmond Hill!!!

OMG!! Thank you, Thank You EVERYONE for making our Thursday Nite Class an OVERWHELMING Success!! The Passion, the Energy, the Enthusiasm, and the POPULATION were OFF THE HOOK! We are truly humbled and blessed by having such a wonderful crowd for our Grand Opening in Richmond Hill. We LOVE you ALL!!!!

Grand Opening Album [here]


Zumba Charity Event to End Women’s Cancer 2012!!!

One of the most meaningful charity events of the year, kicks off with Mark & Pat in Burlington! 16 Zumba Instructors gathered from All over the GTA to dance and dazzle the crowd of 100+ Zumba enthusiasts!! Instructor team includes a 7+months pregnant Boom Boom Mama, too!!! :)


Zumba Fundraiser in Remembrance for Toronto Nurse Sonia Varaschin was a WILD success!!!

Thank you Marija Bojic for organizing such a FANTASTIC Event!! And HOLA to all the Zumba Peeps, LOVE seeing everyone again! Your energy and passion is what made this event a success!!! :)

This is a cause very dear to the hearts of the Toronto Nurses community, for one of their very own, Sonia Varaschin, a very special nurse, whom meet a very abrupt and tragic end, and this is a fundraising event to contribute to a Scholarship in her name. [see more Pictures here]  Story:


Zumba Convention 2011 @ Orlando, FL!!!

We had the Time of our LIVES  at the Zumba Convention 2011!!!

You can also find our Facebook Page album for Live coverage!!  =)

~ Zumba Convention 2011 ~ Part 1 Album [link]
~ Zumba Convention 2011 ~ Part 2 Album [link]

YES, that is PITBULL!!! Live!!!

And a Concert with WYCLEF JEAN in the Zumba Glow & Glitter White Party!!!


CanFitPro 2011 convention’s Zumba After-Party!! ~ with the Zumba Princess Tanya Beardsley!!! 

CanFitPro: just another excuse for us Zumba instructors in Canada to get together and PARTY! But this Party is very special! We get to party with the ZES, Jammers, and the one and only Zumba Princess Tanya Beardsley!!! The most FUN to be had outside the Zumba Convention!! :)

[More Pics here]


Z-Master Class with Super Star ZES George Iu ~ July 2, 2011

International Zumba Presenter, Super Star ZES, George Iu, came all the way from Hong Kong, graced us with a Master Class Zumba Party in Oakville!!

[HD pictures of the Master Class here]

Zumba Battle – George Iu style!

[HD version of video available here]


Zumba Fitness invades Spring DanceSport Challenge!!!

The Toronto Team showcased what Latin HEAT is all about; Zumba Party Style!!
We all had an AWESOME time seeing the world of competitive ballroom, and are thrilled to be part of this amazing dance competition event.
[HD pictures here]

[HD version here]

Another angle here, with HD version.


#2 Emergency Zumba Charity for Japan!

Was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!  We raised $2788 for a country that needs our help!

Thank you to The Group of 7 + Z-Jammer Edgar + Others Fabulous Instructors for bringing PARTY ON for Japan again!
and of course Thank YOU for all who supported us! ♥
[HD pictures here]


Playdium Zumba Party with Cha Cha ~ April 14, 2011

Playdium is a place known for FUN! and tonite, we Cranked up the FUN at the most FUN place in town with ZUMBA!!! Hosted by Cha Cha of CultureKingdom + 10 Z-Instructors + 1 ZES: Andrea Sandu It was a party that ROCKED the night!!
[HD Pictures here]


Princess Margaret Hospital Zumbathon Charity Event ~ April 9, 2011

The year’s BIGGEST Event, the Zumbathon Charity for Princess Margaret Hospital!! At the most Grand of locations, the Royal York Hotel!!!

With close to 200 participates, we raised more than $4000 for Cure for Breast Cancer!!!
All thx to you!!

[Pictures here]


Emergency Z-Charity for Japan ~ April 9, 2011

If you were there at the Emergency Zumba Charity Event for Japan, You know that the party ROCKED!!!!

We raised more than $1600 All thx to you!!

So enjoy these pictures of a night to remember!!! (And if you were not there, you can also enjoy the pictures as well, which will give you motivation not to miss the next one! :)
[Pictures here]


Valentine’s Day Zumba Party @ Club Viva!! ~Feb 19, 2011

Club Viva is a GORGEOUS, and Huge Dance studion, perfect for us to get together to celebrate Valentine’s Day the proper way! 7 Dynamic Instructors lead the Party to a frezy level!!  Dance, Dance, DANCE! :) With 4 ballroom dancers in the instructors team, we all got to experience the different and graceful styles of Zumba!
[Pictures here]


Christmas Party 2010 ~ Dec 15, 2010

It’s our First Christmas Party to ring-in the holiday season of 2010! There was dancinglucky drawsfood, and mini-workshops, and everyone had a great time despite the snow and frigid weather! Thank you everyone for coming and sharing your home cooked delights with us! =)


Zumbathon (both Kids & Adults) Fundraiser @ Adam Beck School ~ Nov 27, 2010

From all over the GTA, 8 Amazing Zumba Instructors united to help Adam Beck School raise funds. The event started with a Zumbatomic (Zumba for kids) segment, then followed up with a full tilt Zumba party for the 100+ adults in the house! There is no lack of shak’ing going on, everyone is shaking their tail feathers and throwing it down! And it’s the best kind of Shak’ing cuz it’s for a Good Cause!! Wooo hoo!! [Photos of Zumbatomic (for Kids)] [Photos of Zumba (for Adults)]


Princess Margaret Hospital Zumba Fundraiser ~ Sept 19, 2010

Zumba Instructors from all over GTA came together to PARTY!!! and help raise funds for Princess Margaret Hospital! That’s a 3hrs Zumba Party, packed into one Sunday afternoon, anymore fun should be illegal! : )

[HD Video & Photos link]

And a Sneak Peek at Lily’s “Sex and the City” Choreo! (short peek cuz I ran out of battery …  : )

[HD version of video available here]


Zumba-thon to End Women’s Cancer ~ June 13, 2010

ZumbaKo is honored to be part of the instructors team, throwing a Zumba Party for a Great Cause, what could be better than  Zumba-ing for charity!
[more Zumba-thon pictures and video here]


Zumba @ NBA Raptor’s 1/2 Time Show ~ March 19, 2010:

Zumba Instructors across Canada united at the Air Canada Centre today March 19th, 2010 to perform at the NBA Raptors 1/2 Time show!!!  (stealing the Cheerleader’s job!)
[more Raptors Show pictures here]


ZumbaKo Grand Opening!

The weather got suddenly REALLY wet, as thunderstorm rolled into the GTA, but the Party continued!
A BIG Zumba Hug for all those who braved the storm, and had a ROCK’IN GOOD TIME with us!!
[more Grand Opening pictures]

Zumba® Fitness with Ron & Lily Ko

Rogers TV Investigates: What is Zumba?

February 28, 2011
by ZumbaKo

…...Zumba = Spicy Latin Dance + Cardio Fitness!!

Come experience the “AfterGlow” of a FunEasyCalories-Burning, Fitness Dance Party!!!

…………………….~~Try your 1st Class FREE!!!~~

~ *Added* Club Viva Zumba Party pix ~ Feb 19 ~ *Update* Testimony Section ~ Feb 15 is hitting the TV media!!! Rogers TV came to investigate this new ZUMBA fitness craze!

[HD Pictures of Rogers TV interview] Rogers TV asked us, “what is this Zumba craze all about?” We told them that it’s something they must experience. So they came to one of our ROCK’IN classes … with a camera crew …!The Energy of the class totally BLEW THEM AWAY!! Pictures’ worth 1,000 words, see for yourself! :) A BIG THANK YOU to Everyone for coming and lending us your energy, spirit, and enthusiasm!

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