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Zumba = Spicy Latin Dance + Cardio Fitness

December 7, 2022

Come experience the “AfterGlow” of a FunEasy, Fat-Burning, Fitness Dance Party!!!

~~Try your 1st Class FREE 免費!!!~~

Don’t settle for anything but the BEST,
__join us for the ULTIMATE Zumba
® Experience!!!   (5★ reviews)

>>NO CLASS until Tues, Mar 28th<<
ZumbaKo Hawaii Trip Away 2023March
>>In-Person classes are ON!!<<

ZumbaKo In-Person Classes are ON
>> join us online via  simultaneously <<
Tues @ 7:00PM & Thurs @ 7:30PM & Sat @ 10AM

Class schedule: here

**FitLife New Year MasterClass Pix are HERE!!**
*7th Anniversary Mega Party Pix are HERE!!**

Check out our Zumba Friends Cruise Pics!
**Party in Pink with ZJ Anna Menchanko, Natalie & Stephanie Pics**
**5th Anniversary Zumba Party Pics**
**5th Anniversary >>BANQUET<< Pics**

Features on Newspaper

Our Zumba® REALLY Works!!  

Preggy to skinny in 2 months!

Zumba Works!! Preggy to Skinny in 2 months of Zumba!

ZumbaKo Cruise 2015May_Lily Bikini Jump_wide

Zumba Ko Cruise Vacation Pix

**HK ZES George Iu MasterClass 2016 Pics**
**Party in Pink 2017 Pics!!!
*Pics: Double ZES Richardo & Ai Lee from Switzerland MasterClass!
*Pics*: Lion Club Dinner Gala Zumba
*Pics*: YMCA Megathon Charity Party
*Update* Testimony Section —>↓

…………………………….. “I lost 4 lbs after 4 classes!” ~D.M.

Rogers TV featured our Zumba® class!

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<a title=”Rogers TV Explores our Zumba® class!” href=””>%5BHD Pictures of Rogers TV interview]

Rogers TV came and discovered what this Zumba® craze all about!!!
Pictures’ worth 1,000 words, see for yourself! :)

Zumba® class schedule & info: [click here]

Come join us! Get Fit, Get Happy!

October 16, 2012

Keeping your Fitness Resolution is *never* tough with Zumba®!
….Cuz every class is a FUN Party!!
Join us to Lose Weight, get FIT and De-stress with some
….shakey shakey, shimmy, shimmy Latin Dancing, Zumba® Style!

What is Zumba®?

Zumba® is “Exercise in Disguise“!

  • Lose Weight, Tone Muscles, Sculpt Your Body, Get Fit!
  • Shake, Shimmy and Dance!
  • PARTY yourself into Shape!

The Zumba Ko Difference:

Experience the Authentic Zumba® Dance Fitness with us.
We are trained in dance, so you don’t have to be!
So you will be dancing, not just jump around randomly to music;
that’s the secret to making exercise FUN, and not tedious.
We make good choreo that is easy to follow,
you will soon discover “Wow! I didn’t know I COULD move like that!”.
Energetic, Fun, and Passionate about what we do,
We will leave you Sweating, Smiling and Wanting more!!

Zumba® FAQ by the 2 Zumba Queens!

Fox TV on Zumba®:

Why Zumba®?

I’ll let the authorChicken Soup for the Soul tell ya.

Zumba is Chicken Soup for the Body & Soul!

Zumba on the Toronto Metro Newspaper

“It’s exercise in disguise and by the end of the class everyone is drenched in sweat. It reshapes your core and you start seeing definition lines in your body you didn’t know you had. It works the bum, the thighs, the belly, the waist, the arms — everything.”

Notice to New Participants:

Zumba® = Dance Party!

  • you can’t “make mistake” in Zumba, because it’s not a dance class, it’s a PARTY!!
  • If I go right, and you go left, no problem!
  • If I raise my arms, you don’t feel like it, don’t!
  • As long as you are moving, and having fun, you are doing Zumba®!!

Dance like no one is watching.” ~Purkey, William
-> is absolutely true in Zumba®, because everyone’s eyes are on ME the instructor!!

Grand Opening: Richmond Hill Zumba Re-Launch Celebration

September 23, 2012

Grand Opening of Richmond Hill Location!!

It was a OVERWHELMING Zumbalicious PARTY!!!!

Thank you SOOO much, everyone for making our Launch SOOO Special!!!!
*Kiss Kiss*
(really, can you believe a 37 weeks pregnant Lily can *move* like that?! :)

[more HD photos here]

Gangnam Style (강남스타일) – Psy – Zumba Ko Style

September 22, 2012

Gangnam Style (강남스타일) – Psy – Zumba Ko Style

Watch us bring the biggest Zumba Toronto Party 2012 into a Frenzy with this uber popular number:


The Biggest Loser featured Zumba Fitness!

April 4, 2012

The Biggest Loser featured Zumba Fitness on their S13E13 episode!

They PROVED that Exercising is FUN with ZUMBA!!!

The Losers were tossed into a Zumba class as their workout!
Initially, they were all intimidated being in a class of a lot of people, who know what they are doing …“.
Kim: “I just basically want to just run right out the door!
Kim: “The 1st song starts, there is no instructions, no nothing, no rules … it’s just go!

then .. the magic happens…

Kim: “It starts, and it’s really energetic, and it’s really fun!
Mark: “All apprehension is gone within a couple of minutes, and you can’t help but smile, and have a good time!
Jeremy: “We are all smiling, everybody is really happy!

(courtesy of NBC, Original and all credits here:

Zumba Master Class with Mary & ZJ Edgar!!

March 31, 2012

Mary Ely & ZJ Edgar teams up to bring ZUMBA Master Class to Scarborough!!
Amazing FUN, Sizzling Hot Energy, Edgar brought the house down!!
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so enjoy! :)

[more photos here]

Zumba Fundraising Gala – In Memory of Toronto Nurse Sonia ~ Feb 4, 2012

February 8, 2012

Zumba Fundraiser in Remembrance for Toronto Nurse Sonia Varaschin was a WILD success!!!

Thank you Marija Bojic for organizing such a FANTASTIC Event!!
And HOLA to all the Zumba Peeps, LOVE seeing everyone again!
Your energy and passion is what made this event a success!!! :)

This is a cause very dear to the hearts of the Toronto Nurses community, for one of their very own, Sonia Varaschin, a very special nurse, whom meet a very abrupt and tragic end, and this is a fundraising event to contribute to a Scholarship in her name.

[see more Pictures here]

Media Coverage:  CityTV News video, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun


Sonia Varaschin was a very special person with passion for life. She was a compassionate nurse who invested every hour of her life helping other people through difficult times.

In August 2010 the shocking news arrived that our colleague and beloved friend was reported to be missing. A week later, her body was found and her death was officially declared a homicide.

Loosing a colleague and friend is a very difficult experience especially when it happens under such tragic circumstances. Finding a way to remember and establish a legacy for our loved one is important. We chose to host a Zumba (r) Fundraiser because of Sonia’s passion for dance.  Funds raised through this event will be donated to the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario for the purpose of establishing a scholarship in Sonia’s name.

Thank you for supporting us!!!

TORONTO SUN says Come to our Zumba Class!

January 18, 2012

New Year Fitness Resolution???
No Problem!!! It’s Super EASY with ZUMBA!!!

~We are featured @ TORONTO SUN’s Fitness Resolution Article!

Click for more info.

Richmond Hill Class Grand Opening

January 18, 2012

Zumba Fitness INVADE Richmond Hill!!!

OMG!! Thank you, Thank You EVERYONE for making our Richmond Hill Launch an OVERWHELMING Success!!
The Passion, the Energy, the Enthusiasm, and the POPULATION were OFF THE HOOK!
We are truly humbled and blessed by having such a wonderful crowd!!
We LOVE you ALL!!!!

Kiss Kiss!

Grand Opening Album [here]

New Year 2012 Resolutions FREE Party ~ Jan 17 ~Pix Available!

January 17, 2012

Kick Start
New Year Resolution
with a
Zumba Party!!!

Join us:

Tues, January 17, 2012
8:00PM – 9:00PM

160 East Beaver Creek Road,   Unit #18,
Richmond Hill, ON
[click for location]

Thank you EVERYONE for coming to our New Year Resolution Party!!!

The turnout was AMAZING, and we literally ROCKED the house down!!
We had SOOO much FUN its almost illegal! :)

Pictures available: [here]