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Who Are We??  ~  The Zumba Ko Difference ~Website Post 1

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 Zumba® Certified Instructors since Jan. 2010


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 The Zumba Difference:

Experience the Authentic Zumba Dance Fitness with Ron & Lily.
We are trained in dance, so you don’t have to be!
We know how to make good choreo easy to follow,
We are Energetic, Fun, and Passionate about what we do,
and that is to showing you how to have FUN moving to the Music!
Come join us for a FREE trial class and you’ll feel the difference.

Lily Ko

Lily has been dancing for 20+ years; including International Ballroom (aka Dancing with the Stars stuff), and Salsa.
Caught the dance-fever ever seen she meet her husband (see below), and the Zumba-bug soon after as well.
Born with perfect musicality, a natural grace, and a childhood dream to dance, Zumba is a perfect calling for her artistic outlet, and toning her body at the same time!!
Her energetic smile and a booty-that-just-won’t-quit will have you shaking your bonbon to the beat of Latin music as well!!

Did Pregnancy stop Lily, from Dancing?? Nope! :)

Come join the Party, and sweat off the pounds!!!


Ronald Ko

With 22+ years dance experience including international ballroom (aka Dancing with the Stars stuff), and Salsa, I must say that Zumba is the most fun I’ve ever had exercising!
I’ve lost 25+ lbs. since I started my Zumba journey, and that’s only the beginning!

I tune my routines to achieve maximum Fitness Results and Enjoyment!
Come to one of my classes and you’ll see what I mean.
Just move your body and follow my lead.  It’s that Easy!

Come Ditch the Workout, and Join the Party!! : )


We speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese (one of us)!
So don’t be shy, come say Hi! and try a Zumba class!!
(1st class always FREE!)

~~~~~ Contact Info ~~~~~~~~

Phone: 416-318-8285

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