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What do they say about Zumba® with Ron & Lily Ko?

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(or just google “ZumbaKo Reviews“)

“Attended the Zumba class at St George center. It was so much fun! The place is nice and bright and well ventilated.  Lily and Ron were very cheerful and encouraging. Will definitely attend again!” ~ L Z, Sept.14, 2015

“Such a great class! Lily is a an awesome instructor, and the studio is spacious.”~Julie G., Aug.25, 2015

“I have been to this location 2x now and am looking forward to attend more classes in this location.  Lily is a wonderful instructor and the location is very convenient for me.  Lots of parking spaces, too.  This is a zumba class that you hate ending soon!  Which just means, you’re having fun and you’re doing something good to yourself as well…”~Marilou V., Jun.11, 2015

“I recently attended my first Zumba class instructed by Lily & Ron and absolutely LOVED it.  I used to attend aerobic and step class at the local community centre 2 times a week.  About 1.5 year ago, I had to stop exercising due to medical reason.  Now that I am ready to exercise, I decided to try Zumba.  Before attending my first class, I was worried not able to pick up the speed or follow the steps.  As soon as the class began and Ron reminded the members, “Remember, this is a no judgement zone.”  I felt really encouraged, so I let myself loose to enjoy the class from the beginning to the end.  It was a great class with upbeat music and atmosphere, good mix of easy & intermediate moves.  As a beginner trying Zumba for the first time, I was not perfect and could be slow or lost in steps.  But it really didn’t matter as it is a “no judgement zone”.  There were participants from age 5 to 75 all having a great time.  After an hour of great work out, I felt relaxed and energetic.  I can’t wait for my 2nd class this Saturday.

Thanks Lily & Ron for running such a great class!  Keep up the good work.” ~ Tai M., Apr.27, 2015

“Lily and Ron are really good dancers and the zumba moves they do are simple enough that a beginner can pick them up but energetic enough to give a great workout.  It was a great class and lots of fun.”~ Helen H., Mar.28, 2015

“I have been to other Zumba®classes. But this class on Saturdays I always look forward to coming to.. Lily and Ron are very good at their workouts.!!  Having a stage and being on a higher level in front of everyone is better to view all of their class.  it makes the room more alive and people on the floor appreciate the music and routines more.!! Thanks for the workouts , routines and diversity of music instructors, I look forward to many more classes. “~ Lisa G., Jan. 17, 2015

“I attended class at Zumba® Ko Dance Fitness for the first time today and I absolutely loved it. Ron and Lily Ko are amazing instructors. Both of them are great dancers, highly energetic and very engaging, no wander the studio was packed. Everybody seemed to have had a wonderful time. It was a great workout and easy to catch on even for a first-timer. Ron and Lily Ko are the best Zumba® instructors in GTA! Thank you for a fantastic workout.”~Ewa M, Sept.9, 2014

“Zumba Ko is super fun. Instructors are very energetic. Love the music. Great way to exercise and dance at the same time.”~ Taly S., Jan. 10, 2015

“First time trying Zumba – what a fun class! The instructors are so energetic and just seem to be enjoying themselves so much that it’s easy to forget that I’m in the middle of a  pretty significant  cardio workout. Lily and Ron are so approachable and easy to talk to. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the class exceeded my expectations by far – I will most definately be back!” ~ Azeena J.,  Dec., 2014

“Awesome instructors!  Great studio. The dance moves are so fun. Absolutely worth the while.”~L.F, Sept.15, 2014

“I must said, it was really fun!! A great workout, definitely worth going for. Large space to work with, relaxing atmosphere, and great instructors! The only problem for is me is that the the dancing moves are too hard to follow, but it is my first day so I am not discouraged. Can’t wait for next classY(^_^)Y”~Wen W, Sept.9, 2014

“Very exciting. Keep on jumping, dancing and moving. Sweating a lot, make me feel young and  beautiful!”~Ling J, Sept.8, 2014

“The instructors lily & Ron is really nice and energetic. They look like they are having a lot of fun also. The studio is at the side of a church and there’s plenty of parking. The space inside has a stage, so we get a very good view from anywhere on the floor, I went on a Tuesday and there was a lot of people, It was completely packed, with just enough room to do the moves. It could be a little bit more of a work out, but it’s mainly just doing cardio.  Overall it’s a lot of fun!” ~Jodi Y, Aug.6, 2014

“A fun studio with nice instructors, as for the Zumba®, can’t follow all the moves yet. But I think it’s reflectivity easy to learn with more classes. The two instructors have a different technique, Ron is more technical and easier to follow, Lily is more fast-paced and move more womanly and soft, need to follow very closely. There’s a lot of room in the studio, not hard to find a spot with a good view. Lots of parking also, great studio space.”~Jodi Y, Aug.5, 2014

“FUN! FUN! FUN! The most lovely Zumba® instructors in town! I really enjoy the songs that they choose. Very balanced workout, yet sweating a lot!”~Pasty C, July 29, 2014

“I had a wonderful time at Zumba® class with Lily and Ron. It was a great class that included lots of different dance moves. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t realize that you’ve been dancing for an hour!
This is a great option for those who are interested in working out but wanting to do something that’s upbeat and fun. There’s a mixture of different songs, from salsa dancing to modern hits. I enjoy that they will put in new routines and new songs every so often to keep things new and interesting! Overall, I’ve had a lot of fun at Zumba®!”~Eva C, July 23, 2014

“I went to the Zumba® class in Markham on Mondays at 7pm. It was fantastic!!!!! Both instructors have amazing energy and are GREAT dancers! It was so much fun that I actually found myself smiling throughout the entire class. It was also a great workout! Loved it!!”~Stefanie S, July 22, 2014

“I have a great time! It was so much fun! Both the instructors know what they are doing and they make Zumba® so easy to follow. When I went, there were a lot of people so it felt a little cramp for space but the moves were still doable. Since I was a newcomer, I didn’t know anybody but they have one song where you need a partner and I met new people. Everyone was very friendly and they really know how to move! Overall, great experience and I will come back again.”~Sarahlyn M, June 26, 2014

“Great class, Excellent instructors and so much fun;  the best Zumba® in Richmond Hill so far”~Catalina Z, Jun.13, 2014

“Both instructors are very energetic and the class is quite fun and upbeat. This would be suitable for anyone who wants to get a good sweat without feeling the dread of working out. The dances are a mix of easily level and intermediate…some are more challenging but easy to catch on to, especially the more classes you go to. I feel like it is slightly easier when the male teacher is teaching because he gives more hints as to what move is coming up next. Overall super fun and definitely looking forward to going back again. Wish there were more available class times though!!”~Tammy L, May 3, 2014

“This was so much fun. I danced in school but that was like 10 years back and it just reminded me of how much fun dancing can be.  Ron and Lily have great energy and it boosts the energy of the class as a group. You don’t have to be a pro to Zumba®.  You just really have to let go of all your inhibitions and just have fun. No one is judging you or watching your movements so just be free of all that your mind tells you and just workout. I would definitely  recommend this to anyone and everyone of all ages.The music and steps are progressive and gradual so if its first time of any kind of physical workout you have nothing to fear. Ron and Lily are amicable and interactive during the  class. Studio is neat and clean Shoe racks don’t smell like some of the other places. Very well lit and good ventilation. Plenty of parking space. Plenty of room inside the studio as well. Time flies so definitely make every second count.”~Patricia L, May 5, 2014

“The instructors has passion for the dances and the activities.  It showed in how they instructed and their smiles.  The music was relevant to the steps of each of the dances.  I highly recommend this class and the instructors.”~Ruth A, April 29, 2014

“Lily and Ron were fantastic instructors. There was lots of energy throughout the whole class. There are mirrors at the front of the room so that you can see yourself bust a move too. The session went by so fast that it was so fun that I didn’t even realise an hour went by. Lots of internationally inspired dance moves and high energy is always a great time!”~Katherine G, April 28, 2014

“It was a good workout! Full of energy. :) More intense than another Zumba® class I have been to, nice! Ron and LIly were very welcoming and friendly too. Thanks.”~Angela L, April 1, 2014

“My first class was really fun.  Ron and Lily were friendly and energetic.  Will be back soon.”~Anna R, Mar.29, 2014

“The Class gave me a workout that I never had before in my life. The instructors are great and very good dancers. I recommend people to try out. I cannot wait for the next class. Thank metabody for this opportunity.”~Terence L, Mar.22, 2014

“The class was great! The instructors are highly energetic and engaging. It was an all-around great workout, easy to follow even for a first-timer. 5 stars.”~Anna K, Mar.22, 2014

“Highly energetic instructors, a good workout without making us non-dancers feel left out in the wild. It was great, you will feel your legs and arms burn.”~Bojan S, Feb.6, 2014

“Fun workout, and full of energy! It’s my favourite class.”~Munira J, Mar.13, 20214

“The Zumba® class was ‘JUST’ the right combination of the fun and fitness that I was looking for a long time.  Ron and Lily’s enthusiam and great attitude made this class and learning a worthwhile exercise.  I couldn’t imagine that the hour would go by so fast and to top it off Ron finished the class with the ‘Tango’ moves. I can’t wait to get there for the next class. Thanks to metabody for this opportunity and experience”~Yatika K, Oct.8, 2013

“Thank you Ron and Lily for a fabulous workout, it was energetic and fun.”~Amy S, Aug.26, 2013

“Ron and Lily Ko are superb instructors, showing enthusiasm, smiles and dancing like they just learned the song (even though they would have done it a million times already).  The group that works out with them is fun, cheerful and love when Ron shows his biceps during Gangnam Style!  Only through Metabody did I find out about them.  I’ve done their Markham and Richmond Hill classes.  They have lots of fun events, free dance parties, and I love the class so much!  5/5+ for sure!!!”~Jasmine J, Aug.20, 2013

— Live Student Testimonies —

“OMG! The skinny jeans that I could barely squeeze into last year, is now LOOSE!!!” ~Lily

“Your Zumba® class made me smile even when I had a really grumpy day at work!” ~ S.Y.
(Yep, it’s really hard not to smile after a Zumba® class with us. : )

“I lost 4lbs after 4 Class!!” ~D.M.
“Pains in my arms and shoulders were gone, too! (after many failed chiro & physio sessions!)” ~D.M.
(The miracle of FUN excerise : )

“I put on a pair of pants that I bought 12 years ago in Italy…The only item that survived … Yeeey, zuuumbaaaa!!!::) ~R.N.
(Yea, Zumba®! : )

“Ron & Lily are the *best* Zumba® instructors in Markham” ~A.K. (an experienced dancer)

“Going to Zumba® parties and seeing other instructors only re-affirms my decision to choose Lily and Ron to be my only Zumba instructor!  You guys are the best!” ~R.N.
(*blush more*)

“Your passion and love and enthusiasm “recharge my batteries” for another week!! You are the best!! Love you guys!! Big “zumba hugs” to you!!!” ~ R.R.

“OMG!  My obliques are sore, after those bellydancing hip movements!” ~ New Student
(that means you are really working your core!  Good Job!!
..You’ll be seeing results real soon!)

“There are shortcuts to happiness, Zumba® is one of them!” ~A.N.
(So true.)

“I’ve lost 5lb since I started Zumba® with you, and that’s was 3 classes ago!” ~ J.C.
(Congratz! and Yep, losing weight with Zumba® is not a myth! : )

“I rather do 2 Zumba® classes than a facial spa. I am exfoliating my pores from sweating so much, all over!” ~H.F.
(very insightful!)

“I’m not sure if I can do this ..” ~ New Participant
E.P. to New Participant: “You should keep coming, else you are just going to sit home and eat and get fat!.”
(errr .. good point!)

“Your moves are really easy to follow.” ~ New Participants
(that’s our philosophy!  Fun and Easy for everyone!)

“7PM is a really good time, I can have something to eat at 5ish and get from my office to here (even in the snow)” ~ D.L.
(yep, a little carb 1.5hrs before class really benefits your endurance and energy level!)

“Wow, we did so many different dance styles in such a short time! That was really fun!” ~ C.A.
(Variety is the spice of life! That’s our philosophy, too!)

“That move is *really* Awesome!  I gotta learn it!” ~ A.L.
: )  (sure, come chat with us after class)

“You are doing Bhangra better than us!” ~V.G. @ East Indian Event
(Wow!  Now that’s a real compliment! We are truely humbled!)

“Woooooohoooo!!!!” ~20+ ladies after seeing Ron’s hip roll on stage
(*blush* that’s a testimony??!!)

“OMG! You are bringing out my inner Beyoncé!” ~ New Participant
(Yes! Channel it, Girl! : )

“This is so much more fun than yoga, or a treadmill!” ~ Many Participants
(Yep, that’s the spirit of Zumba®, moving fast and have FUN!)

“That was 1 hour already?!” ~Sweaty New Participant
(LOL! Yep, time flies when you’re having fun! : )
and as long as you are having fun, you are motivated to do it again!
and you will be fit before you know it!)

“My Friends noticed that I’m skinnier and they accuse me of going on a diet, but I’m actually eating more since I started Zumba® with you guys!!” ~J.N.
(that’s common, muscle is heavier than fat, you are losing fat, and gaining muscle.

More muscle = high metabolism = burn more fat, so eating more is OK!)

“I just got into the pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to squeeze into for years!” ~J.N.
(Lily is saying the same thing! : )

“I missed your class last Wed, and I went on the scale this weekend and I felt horrible!” ~D.G.
(Welcome to Zumba®; where dancing makes you feel happy even long after the class : )

“I can’t get that song out of my head!  CHUNKY, CHUNKY, CHUNKY!!!”~J.N.
(LOL! We can’t either!  Isn’t that song so much fun?! : )

“You are so Marvelous, I almost had a brain freeze!!!”~Student at a class Lily subbed for
(That one’s for Lily. : )

“Ron & Lily are absolutely amazing in every possible way.  Great Instructors and great role models.  I actually want to do an interview with them and feature them more formally on this Instructor page.  Their strength is quality of instruction, integrity, professionalism, interpersonal relationships, and a very focused yet subtle marketing style. I can’t imagine my events without this great Zumba® couple!” ~Owner of major Zumba® site
(Marija, you are making us blush! : )

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  1. Victoria permalink
    June 13, 2011 4:17 PM

    My nephew who is 8 said to me one day Auntie you look different with a
    puzzled look on his face. What do you mean? I probed patiently. He said”
    you look taller. That was the best compliment I have gotten in a long time. (;

  2. B. Y. permalink
    June 14, 2015 2:02 PM

    As a fitness nut and Zumba enthusiast, I have attended many Zumba classes all over the GTA…and let me tell you: Ronald and Lily’s Zumba classes are by far the Best! First of all: how many Zumba instructors that you know, are trained ballroom and salsa dancers? With their many years’ professional dance training and their strong belief in keeping fit through Zumba, they give you a fun-filled, full one-hour vigorous workout with the latest/ memorable hot dance hits! By the way, you get not just one, but 2 instructors (a super nice couple who live to dance)! — you get 2 completely different flavors: a Spicy, Sexy, Sensual flavor + an Energetic, Fun, and Vigorous taste. (Not gonna tell you who’s who ;) Truly, deal of the century! Their locations (Markham and Richmond Hill) have ample parking, spacious dance halls and great sound system…Now let me warn you: their classes are highly addictive as I literally count the hours until I could attend their next class! With 2 instructors who personify the Zumba life, with awesome music and wicked personalities, this is by far the Best Zumba class i’ve ever discovered, who wants the class to end…ever?!! I don’t! B.Y. :)


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