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ZumbaKO COVID-19 Protocols

ZumbaKo Re-Opening Framework

Classes in both Richmond Hill & Markham are now AVAILABLE!
2 Ways to join the FUN: In-Person or LiveStream_Ani01_202px via Zoom!!

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Floor Markings (Yellow Spot) will identify your Personal Zumba Space, each space is at least 2.5m x 2.5m.

  • Masks must be worn when entering and moving about the facility

    • Effective as of July 17, 2020, facial masks and/or coverings are required in York Region except during moderate to intense physical activity.  All staff and participants will be required to wear a mask or facial covering upon entering the building.
  • Masks can only be removed once class begins, and should be put back on once the class is complete.

    Masks and Smiles_Protocol

  • Class will be 1-hour in duration, without breaks.
    #LiveStream class will also be 1-hour

  • Please change into workout clothing prior to arrival.

  • You must abide by all COVID-19 rules of the York Region, Ontario.

Pre-Check before coming to Zumba:

    • Self-assess if you are feeling unwell.  Only approach if you are feeling well.

    • Please do NOT attend in-person class if you:

      • Do not have Proof of Vaccination that you received your 2nd vaccine dose 14+ days prior

      • Traveled outside the country in the past 14 days

      • Been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive

      • are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, sore throat, loss/decreased sense of smell and/or taste

      • Are required to self-quarantine for 10 days before joining us

    • Minimize your belongings accompanying you

    • Arrive in your workout gear


    • Staff will be behind a Plexiglas barrier

    • Touchless temperature check.  Anyone with a temperature of 38C / 100.4F or higher will not be permitted to attend the class.

    • Fill out Health Declaration & Contact Tracing waiver form (1-time only), polled for status change in subsequent visits

      • Pre-fill the form and bring to class: here

    • Show your Proof of Vaccination (1-time)

    • Hand sanitizing station available

    • Reserve your spot with us via Email / Whatsapp / WeChat

    • Class Spots availability status: here
      Booking and Status
      (in Green / Yellow / Red)

  • Social Distancing:

    • Floor markings will identify your Personal Zumba Space, each space is at least 2.5m x 2.5m

    • Please maintain at least 2-meter distance between other members and staff

    • Place your belongings inside your Personal Zumba Space.

    • Please wear a mask while not participating in excerise (hallway, washroom, etc)

  • Online LiveStream_Ani01_202px class will be available simultaneously!  Details: here

  • Proof of Vaccination must be presented to attend In-Person class

    • Require 2 doses completed 14+ days prior
    • Download your Proof of Vaccination here: [link]  (.pdf file)
    • Print the .pdf file or show it to us in our smartphone
    • Show Photo ID (Drivers License / Health Card)
    • more info here: [link]
    • more info from Ont gov’t here: [link]
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