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Prodigy Math Game for Kids – Elemental Strength and Weakness

Prodigy Logo

Prodigy is a wonderful RPG that is based on Math!
When you encounter and battle monsters, you go into a turn-based combat where you need to solve a correct math problem in order to attack!

Parents will love how this motivates your kids to practice math. :)
There is a Free version, and a Paid subscription model as well.  Info here.

Parents should create an account for themselves first, then create a username/password for their kids.
You can create your account here [link].

Now, what you all came here for, the secret to easily beating the monsters in Prodigy – is to exploit their Elemental Weakness.
Each monster has an innate element, and if you use the same element to attack it, it will not take much damage!
For example, using a Fire attack on a Fire monster … will not damage it much.
But if you use the Opposing Element, you will produce a much more Powerful attack!
For example, using a Water Attack on a Fire monster, the Fire monster will take more damage!

There are 6 elements in Prodigy Math Game.   Fire, Water, Ice, Storm, Plant, and Astral.  Astral is considered a Neutral element, and does not have any advantages against any other element, which means it is useful in any situation!

So, what are the Weaknesses?

  • Fire is weak against Water

  • Water is weak against Storm

  • Storm is weak against Ice

  • Ice is weak against Fire

  • Plant is weak against Fire

Here is a visual chart for you to reference, HAVE FUN!!!


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