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SmartCar 2014 ELECTRIC Drive

SmartCar 2014 Electric Drive Lease Takeover

Fully ELECTRIC car, means no paying for GAS $$$!
Lease payment effectively $208.62, less than 1 month of gasoline!

**BONUS INCENTIVE: FREE Winter Tires ❄ + Rims! ($850 value!)

SmartCar White Lily SmartCar Tires Stack Slanted-1

SmartCar ForTwo Electric Drive Coupe

White exterior + Black Interior
+ Touring Package (Cruise control, surround speakers, 3-spoke steering wheel, etc)
+ Prepaid Maintenance
+ Lease Protection package
+ Amazing ACCELERATION!!! -> Zoom Zoom!!!

$281.34 including tax / month effective payment
(plus get a $800 cash incentive from ME!)

That’s less than a month of gas!!!
11 months lease remaining till Aug 22, 2017
15,100 Free KM’s remaining!!

End of Lease Buy Out: $10,321.15 + tax
Prepaid Maintenance included.
Lease Protection package included.
No hassle return!

Includes OEM rubber mats ($120 value!)
No accidents.

110KM range.
Perfect for commute to work.  And not pay for Gas!!
Top speed 125KM, perfect for young drivers!

SmartCar FrontSmartCar SideSmartCar Rear

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