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What is Zumba?

OK … So What is Zumba?

Zumba = Spicy Latin Dance + Cardio Fitness!!

Zumba is a Colombian word which means “move fast and have fun”.
It is a Latin dance inspired Cardio Interval-training Fitness program that feels like a Dance Party!!

It’s a fusion of exciting (and spicy) dance moves with fitness toning principles that keeps you moving and shaking to irresistible Latin and International music.

Sculpt and Tone your body with dynamic, yet simple dance/fitness moves, while moving to Salsa, ChaCha, Merengue, Flamenco, Tango, Bellydance music and many more!

You will have fun and get a great workout at the same time.  : )

Rogers TV Interviews Zumba Ko!

Find out what Zumba with us is all about!

Rogers TV asked us, “what is this Zumba craze all about?”
We told them that it’s something they must experience.
So they came to one of our ROCK’IN classes … with a camera crew …!

Why Zumba?

Because working out has never known to be FUNuntil Now!!

Zumba is Exercise in the Disguise!
Every class is a Party, you get a great workout.
Getting in shape had never been so fun!!
Because “The best exercise is exercise you look forward to doing” (

Zumba is Chicken Soup for the Body & Soul!

[Link to HD version]

What is a Zumba Class like?

Take a look at the Photos section for in class pictures!

Zumba-thon to End Women’s Cancer ~ June 13, 2010

[HD version of video available here]

Age? Dance Experience?

Zumba is designed for anyone, any age, any fitness-level, bring your dance sneakers, aerobic shoes or cross trainers and be ready to sweat!
Our students’ age ranges from 16 – 65 (and occassionally 75+!!)

No dance experience necessary, Zumba is a watch-and-follow program, and I am there to lead you.Embarrassed about dancing in public?  Don’t be!  No one will be starring at you; they will all be looking at ME!!  : )

So come and join us, and find out what you are missing!!

>> Chinese Version – Click here <<

Is Zumba like Line Dance?

Good question!  Zumba is Line Dance on steroids!
However, unlike Line Dancing, you don’t have to memorize the dance routines, just watch & follow the instructor’s moves, and have fun!
Lose yourself to the hypnotic Latin music, and let your mind take a break, while your body follow my lead and dance!

Zumba is a fitness-based program that is Latin dance-inspired,
and because it is a fitness program at the core, it utilizes the high-low interval training method to give you the maximum benefit of a cardio workout first, while dancing to Latin beats!

Oh, and you WILL sweat.
Get fit, and have Fun at the same time!

You’ve always enjoy the faster rhythms of your line dance class?
Come join us and find out what a Zumba class is, and see what you’ve been missing!

Come experience the “Afterglow” of a Fun, Easy, Calories-Burning, Fitness Dance Party!!!

(we will leave you Sweating, Out-of-Breath, and Wanting more! : )

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