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Choreo: DanceSport Challenge Spring 2011 ~ Toronto Zumba Team

April 16, 2011

DanceSport Challenge – Spring 2011

You know Zumba is getting BIG when DanceSport Challenge (a ballroom competition event) invited GTA’s Zumba community to demo this new dance-fitness Craze at their event!!!

This is the Toronto Zumba Team‘s choreo for the Spring DanceSport Challenge 2011.

Step-by-Step Breakdown:

1) The team will have 2 minutes to perform
2) The first 13 seconds of the song (intro music) will not be played
3) The team will “Battle” after the 3rd section of the choreograpy (led by specific Z-Instructor)
…. Team Captain will split the team down the middle, and will signal to orchestrate the Battle.
4) After 4 “waves” of “Battle” we come back together and face “forward” and  “Zumba Shuffle” till music fades (at 2mins)

[Click here for Practice Times and more info]

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