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The Biggest Loser featured Zumba Fitness!

April 4, 2012

The Biggest Loser featured Zumba Fitness on their S13E13 episode!

They PROVED that Exercising is FUN with ZUMBA!!!

The Losers were tossed into a Zumba class as their workout!
Initially, they were all intimidated being in a class of a lot of people, who know what they are doing …“.
Kim: “I just basically want to just run right out the door!
Kim: “The 1st song starts, there is no instructions, no nothing, no rules … it’s just go!

then .. the magic happens…

Kim: “It starts, and it’s really energetic, and it’s really fun!
Mark: “All apprehension is gone within a couple of minutes, and you can’t help but smile, and have a good time!
Jeremy: “We are all smiling, everybody is really happy!

(courtesy of NBC, Original and all credits here:

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