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Come join us! Get Fit, Get Happy!

October 16, 2012

Keeping your Fitness Resolution is *never* tough with Zumba®!
….Cuz every class is a FUN Party!!
Join us to Lose Weight, get FIT and De-stress with some
….shakey shakey, shimmy, shimmy Latin Dancing, Zumba® Style!

What is Zumba®?

Zumba® is “Exercise in Disguise“!

  • Lose Weight, Tone Muscles, Sculpt Your Body, Get Fit!
  • Shake, Shimmy and Dance!
  • PARTY yourself into Shape!

The Zumba Ko Difference:

Experience the Authentic Zumba® Dance Fitness with us.
We are trained in dance, so you don’t have to be!
So you will be dancing, not just jump around randomly to music;
that’s the secret to making exercise FUN, and not tedious.
We make good choreo that is easy to follow,
you will soon discover “Wow! I didn’t know I COULD move like that!”.
Energetic, Fun, and Passionate about what we do,
We will leave you Sweating, Smiling and Wanting more!!

Zumba® FAQ by the 2 Zumba Queens!

Fox TV on Zumba®:

Why Zumba®?

I’ll let the authorChicken Soup for the Soul tell ya.

Zumba is Chicken Soup for the Body & Soul!

Zumba on the Toronto Metro Newspaper

“It’s exercise in disguise and by the end of the class everyone is drenched in sweat. It reshapes your core and you start seeing definition lines in your body you didn’t know you had. It works the bum, the thighs, the belly, the waist, the arms — everything.”

Notice to New Participants:

Zumba® = Dance Party!

  • you can’t “make mistake” in Zumba, because it’s not a dance class, it’s a PARTY!!
  • If I go right, and you go left, no problem!
  • If I raise my arms, you don’t feel like it, don’t!
  • As long as you are moving, and having fun, you are doing Zumba®!!

Dance like no one is watching.” ~Purkey, William
-> is absolutely true in Zumba®, because everyone’s eyes are on ME the instructor!!

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