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Yoga Re-Discovery Event ~ Free Classes!!!

Free Yoga Encore @ Markham

Heavy Snow & Yoga don’t mix!
But don’t be sad if you missed our Yoga Open House @ Markham due to snow, we are having an Encore Yoga Event!!

Kitten Yoga Twisted Up

Come and rediscover Lily‘s unique blend of Style, Grace and Humor!

When:  Wed, Dec 3rd 6:00PM
Where:  7725 Birchmount Road, Unit 29

Bring:  Yoga Mat, Towel and Water (for Zumba after :)

Who:  YOU! and your family friends!

Seriously, our Yoga class is not Serious .. enjoy your practice, and have Fun!
Side effects may include: firm COREReduce Back Pains, Increase Mobility, and a more Limber Zumba experience! :)

Your well being is our 1st Priority, know your limits, Listen to your Body, and your body will improve over time!

Seriously, our Yoga classes are FUN!  ….

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See? FUN!!!  =D

Lily & Ron + Zoey

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