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CanFitPro 2011 Zumba Party with Tanya B!!

August 19, 2011

CanFitPro convention’s Zumba After-Party
~ with the Zumba Princess Tanya Beardsley!!!

CanFitPro: just another excuse for us Zumba instructors in Canada to get together and PARTY!
But this Party is very special!
We get to party with the ZES, Jammers, and the one and only Zumba Princess Tanya Beardsley!!!
The most FUN to be had outside the Zumba Convention!! :)
Pictures worth a thousand words!  Enjoy! :)

[More Pics here]

Pix: Zumba Charity Party for Tsung Tsin Association

August 7, 2011

Zumba Charity Party for Tsung Tsin Association

Our team of 7 Zumba Instructors came together to show the TTA how to PARTY Zumba Style!!
Easily, the BEST party the Scarborough north area ever had! :)

Thank you ALL for your participation!!
The party was OFF THE HOOK!!!

[More Pictures here]

Zumba Convention 2011!!

July 9, 2011

We are having the Time of our LIVES  at the Zumba Convention 2011 @ Orlando, FL!!

LOVE to post pictures here, but TOO BUSY running around with the Zumba Family! :)

For now, You can also find our Facebook Page album for Event coverage!!  =)

Update:  see our Zumba Convention 2011 ~ Part 1 Album [link]
Update: Zumba Convention 2011 ~ Part 2 Album [link]

YES, that is PITBULL!!! Live!!!

And a Concert with WYCLEF JEAN in the Zumba Glow & Glitter White Party!!!

Zumba Master Class with Super Star ZES George Iu ~ July 2, 2011

July 3, 2011

Z-Master Class with Super Star ZES George Iu ~ July 2, 2011

International Zumba Presenter, Super Star ZES, George Iu, came all the way from Hong Kong, graced us with a Master Class Zumba Party in Oakville!!

[HD pictures of the Master Class here]

Zumba Battle – George Iu style!

[HD version of video available here]

Valentine’s Day 2011 ~ Nobody Choreo

July 3, 2011

Nobody” by Wonder Girls ♥ Valentine’s Day 2011 

Valentine’s Day is about sharing!!  It’s our 1st time sharing our Zumba choreo with the world!
It’s a very popular Korean song which is quite appropriate for Valentine’s day!
~HUGE thx to our Fab4 in the back row: (left->right) Rita, Tracey, Iris and Denise.
This is a dedication to everyone out there, be you singled or coupled!

[HD version of video available here]

Zumba Fitness invades Spring DanceSport Challenge 2011!

May 14, 2011

Zumba Fitness invades Spring DanceSport Challenge!!!
The Toronto Team showcased what Latin HEAT is all about; Zumba Party Style!!
We all had an AWESOME time seeing the world of competitive ballroom, and are thrilled to be part of this amazing dance competition event.

[HD pictures here]

[HD version here]

Another angle here, with HD version.

Pics: #2 Emergency Zumba Charity Party for Japan ~ April 17, 2011

April 19, 2011

#2 Emergency Zumba Charity for Japan!

Was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!  We raised $2788 for a country that needs our help!

Thank you to The Group of 7 + Z-Jammer Edgar + Others Fabulous Instructors for bringing PARTY ON for Japan again!
and of course Thank YOU for all who supported us! ♥

[HD pictures here]