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Pics: #2 Emergency Zumba Charity Party for Japan ~ April 17, 2011

April 19, 2011

#2 Emergency Zumba Charity for Japan!

Was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!  We raised $2788 for a country that needs our help!

Thank you to The Group of 7 + Z-Jammer Edgar + Others Fabulous Instructors for bringing PARTY ON for Japan again!
and of course Thank YOU for all who supported us! ♥

[HD pictures here]

Choreo: DanceSport Challenge Spring 2011 ~ Toronto Zumba Team

April 16, 2011

DanceSport Challenge – Spring 2011

You know Zumba is getting BIG when DanceSport Challenge (a ballroom competition event) invited GTA’s Zumba community to demo this new dance-fitness Craze at their event!!!

This is the Toronto Zumba Team‘s choreo for the Spring DanceSport Challenge 2011.

Step-by-Step Breakdown:

1) The team will have 2 minutes to perform
2) The first 13 seconds of the song (intro music) will not be played
3) The team will “Battle” after the 3rd section of the choreograpy (led by specific Z-Instructor)
…. Team Captain will split the team down the middle, and will signal to orchestrate the Battle.
4) After 4 “waves” of “Battle” we come back together and face “forward” and  “Zumba Shuffle” till music fades (at 2mins)

[Click here for Practice Times and more info]

Pics: Playdium Zumba Party with Cha Cha ~ April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

Playdium is a place known for FUN!
and tonite, we Cranked up the FUN at the most FUN place in town with ZUMBA!!!

Hosted by Cha Cha of CultureKingdom + 10 Z-Instructors + 1 ZES: Andrea Sandu
It was a party that ROCKED the night!!

[HD Pictures here]

Pics: Princess Margaret Hospital Zumba Charity Event ~ April 10, 2011

April 12, 2011

The year’s BIGGEST Event, the Zumbathon Charity for Princess Margaret Hospital!!
At the most Grand of locations, the Royal York Hotel!!!

With close to 200 participates, we raised over $4000 for the Cure for Breast Cancer!!!!

[Pictures here]

Pics: Emergency Z-Charity for Japan ~ April 9, 2011

April 10, 2011

If you were there at the Emergency Zumba Charity Event for Japan,
You know that the party ROCKED!!!!

We raised more than $1600
All thx to you!!

So enjoy these pictures of a night to remember!!!
(And if you were not there, you can also enjoy the pictures as well, which will give you motivation not to miss the next one! – coming SOOON!! :)

[Pictures here]

#2 Emergency Zumba Charity Event for Japan!! ~ April 17th

April 9, 2011

After seeing pics & vids of the Tsunami stricken Japan, don’t you feel absolutely COMPELLED to do something for the poor folks in Japan who’ve lost so much?
Well, here’s your chance!!!

Emergency Zumba Charity 2hrs. Event #2

Sun, April 17th @ 2:30-4:30PM

One King West Hotel ~ Grand Banking Hall
1 King Street West
Toronto, ON

$15 per person, $20 at door
all proceedings go to Red Cross for Japan!

Instructors include: Z-Jammer Edgar! Ron & Lily, Mary Ely, Marissa Burais, Mario & Catherine Javier, Dione Mason, Isalba, Heather, Martha, Rachel and more!

Ticket Reservations/Purchase: Linda: 416 463 737 or
or any of the instructors!

Now this is Zumba Love!!! : )

Emergency Zumba Charity Event for Japan!!! ~ April 9th

March 30, 2011

After seeing pics & vids of the Tsunami stricken Japan, don’t you feel absolutely COMPELLED to do something for the poor folks in Japan who’ve lost so much?
Well, here’s your chance!!!

Emergency Zumba Charity 2hrs. Event

Sat, April 9th @ 7-9PM

Light Up The Floor Studio
80 Advance Rd
Etobicoke ON

$20 per person, all proceedings go to Red Cross for Japan!

13 Amazing Zumba Instructors + 2 ZES (Tamara & Nile Said) will ROCK your evening!!

Now this is Zumba Love!!! : )

Click here to buy tickets online:
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Club Viva Zumba Party ~Feb 19, 2011

February 19, 2011

Valentine’s Day Zumba Party @ Club Viva!!

Club Viva is a GORGEOUS, and Huge Dance studion, perfect for us to get together to celebrate Valentine’s Day the proper way!
7 Dynamic Instructors lead the Party to a frezy level!!  Dance, Dance, DANCE! :) 
With 4 ballroom dancers in the instructors team, we all got to experience the different and graceful styles of Zumba!

[Pictures here]

♥♥ Valentine’s Day 2011 Open House!!! ♥♥

February 13, 2011

♥♥ NEWS: Valentine’s Day OPEN HOUSE! (Free for Everyone!) ♥♥

Valentine’s day is about sharing your love and passion with someone;
and we would like to share our love for Zumba and Dance with you and your loved ones!!
We will have special Valentine’s day theme’ed songs, and TANGO special!
Be you coupled, or single, Let our Zumba class be part of your Valentine’s day celebration! :)

Party Update: Nothing is as sensual as a seductive Tango, non?
Thank you everyone for sharing such a unique Valentine’s Evening with us tonight…
hope you enjoyed our Zumba style “Burlesque“!  :)

Christmas Party 2010 ~ Dec 15

December 17, 2010

It’s ZumbaKo’s Christmas Party to ring-in the holiday season of 2010!
There was dancing, lucky draws, food, and mini-workshops, and everyone had a great time despite the snow and frigid weather!
Thank you everyone for coming and sharing your home cooked delights with us!

[Christmas Party 2010 Pictures]