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Yoga Classes at Richmond Hill & Markham

By popular demand, we are introducing Yoga classes!

Come enjoy a Yoga Class before Zumba®!!
(Anyone can join!!   See? :)

When:  1 hour before Zumba® 
                Tuesdays    @ 6:00PM  @ Richmond Hill

                Thursdays 6:30PM  @ Richmond Hill

Bring:  Yoga Mat, Towel and Water
               (for Zumba® after :)

Who:  YOU! and your family friends!

How Much:  Super Reasonable price!
                           Just use your ZumbaKo Class-Pass!!!
                           Details [here]

Yoga?  Yes, Yoga!
Our Yoga class is geared for FUN!

They are designed to train and tighten your CORE muscles,
which will help Reduce Back PainsImprove Posture,

Increase Mobility, and get Limber for Zumba® class! :)

Our classes are designed with your safety in mind, so remember, Yoga is a practice, not a competition!
Know your limits, stay within them, and you will see your body improve over time!
The best thing you can do is Listen to your Body=)

Seriously, our Yoga classes are FUN!  ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See? FUN!!!  =D

Lily & Ron + Zoey

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